Estonia: Disqualification in Eesti Laul 2011

by Victor Hondal 163 views

The second semifinal of the Estonian national final for Eurovision 2011, Eesti Laul, will feature 9 songs instead of 10, as Uku Suviste's Jagatud ?�?¶?�?¶ has been disqualified. Its lyrics were already used in another song by another artists, who had also worked together with the lyricist, Indrek Hirv.

ERR has informed that there will be no replacement for the disqualified entry.Therefore, the line-up for the second semifinal of Eesti Laul is as follows:

  1. Sõpruse puiestee & Merili Varik –Rahu, ainult rahu
  2. Shirubi Ikazuchi –St. Cabah
  3. Sofia Rubina –My melody
  4. Mimicry –The storm
  5. Orelipoiss –Valss
  6. Tiiu Kiik –Second chance
  7. MID –Smile
  8. Ithaka Maria –Hopa'pa-rei!
  9. Rolf Roosalu –All & now

The show will take place this Saturday, February 19th. Five acts will qualify for the final.

Thanks to Sanka for the submission of the information.