Exclusive: Mista speaks to esctoday.com

by Edward Montebello 93 views

Mista is one of the three acts in contention to represent Slovakia in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Esctoday.com caught up with the Slovakian beauty few days before the Slovak broadcaster announces who will go to Dusseldorf.

Welcome Mista on esctoday.com how does it feel to return back in the run to the Eurovision Song Contest?

Thank you it is very exciting to be amongst the nominees in my country.

Last year you came close on to representing Slovakia, why should RTVS choose you this year?

RTVS is selecting from several candidates and approached me, probably because I finished in the national round of last year’s selection with the same number of points as the winner, who represented Slovakia in Oslo. They see potentially Vendetta as a song that can represent Slovakia, I am writer/composer with a university music education etc. and probably because of cooperation with foreign management and production. This is very important for RTVS.

Tell us about your song?

Vendetta was written by composers who had scored in the top 5 in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Moscow.

What can you tell about your international management behind you?

My management based in Germany, has 12 years of experience in the Eurovision with performers from all over Europe. Well as promoters in the Benelux, where is my second home (in Belgium).

This year there was doubts upon the Slovakian participation. How is the Eurovision interest in the country?

The Eurovision Song Contest has a lot of media interest and generates a huge support by the Slovak people. Even people and medias from the Czech Republic supports a lot the Slovak participation.

Describe the experience you gain from every performance you give not only in Slovakia but also in other countries?

I enjoy to the fullest every performance and it does not matter if it is in Slovakia or abroad. I performed infront of various audiences in Europe, Africa but also in 2008 in front of an audience in Carnegie Hall in New York.

What are your future plans besides Eurovision?

Preparing a new album that comes out in autumn 2011 (Vendetta is the first single of this album). While with my management in Germany I am working on the European tour with a new show.

Listen to the song below (some changes may occur on the song submitted to RTVS)