Live: National final in Norway

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The Norwegian national final of Melodi Grand Prix is about to start. A total of 8 acts will battle it out to become the lucky representative of Norway in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

How to watch

  • Live on NRK1 at 19:55 CET
  • Webcast(NRK official)
  • Webcast( official)


  1. Helene BøksleVardlokk(Lyrics: Cecilie Larsen; music: Helene Bøksle, Sindre Hotvedt, Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
  2. Sie GubbaAlt du vil ha(Lyrics and music: Magne Almås, Petter Øien)
  3. Babel FishDepend on me(Lyrics and music: Tarjei van Ravens, Halvor Holter)
  4. The Lucky BulletsFire below(Lyrics and music: Knud Kleppe)
  5. The BlackSheepsDance tonight(Lyrics and music: Agnete Johnsen, Emelie Nilsen)
  6. Stella MwangiHaba haba(Lyrics and music: Beyond51, Big City)
  7. Åste& RikkeNot that easy (Ah-åh-ah-åh)(Lyrics and music: Rikke Normann)
  8. Hanne SørvaagYou're like a melody(Lyrics and music: Hanne Sørvaag)

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The show has started. NRK is treating us with a humorous video featuring past Norwegian representatives, the hosts of the 2010 contest, with the background music of the latest winner, Lena's Satellite. The action is now on stage. The host Anne Rimmen welcomes the audience. Per Sundnes reports from the green room, where the finalists are being presented.

Song 1. Helene Bøksle-Vardlokk (Current poll result: 2nd – 25.5%)

Helene is first up. Vardlokk features traditional elements, with a gentle melody and some celtic touch. Thisentry is interesting enough. The staging is quite sober: Helena appears dressed in a cream dress, accompanied by some drummers. For this performance, smoke effects and laser are being used. Helene's vocals sound in tune as she is delivering a professional and confident rendition of the song.

Song 2. Sie Gubba-Alt du vil ha(Current poll result: 8th – 1%)

According to our readers, Sie Gubba are the least likely entry to win tonight. The song has a country feature, also with traditional elements ie the violin sounds. All the members of the band are wearing black outfits. The lead singer's vocals suit quite well this genre of music. The overall impression is not negative, although compared to other acts in the competition, Alt du vil ha might be easily forgettable.

Song 3. Babel Fish-Depend on me(Current poll result: 5th – 5.4%)

The performance starts behind a cardboard house through which the lead singer appears. The first ballad of the night sounds really mild and conveys a romantic message. However, this number is not what we could call 'original', as there are many similar songs. It is worth mentioning the singer's key change, which is nearly perfect, hitting very high notes. The vocal performance is the best feature of this song.

Song 4. The Lucky Bullets-Fire below(Current poll result: 7th – 3.2%)

Fire below is clearly a song inspired by the 1950s rock and roll style. In fact, this is pure American rock and roll, and could have been performed by Elvis Presley back then. It also reminds a bit of the Belgian 2009 entry Copycat. The vocal performance is good, although taking into account the result Belgium scored back then with a similar song, the success for this song in Eurovision is not guaranteed at all.

Song 5. The BlackSheeps-Dance tonight(Current poll result: 6th – 3.8%)

The BlackSheeps, made up by two girls and two boys, are the fifth act to perform tonight. Their entry is a pop-rock tune, modern and fresh,that could do well in the actual Eurovision Song Contest. The instrumentation is correct, although the vocal performance could be much better. The backing lighting effects and pyros add up to the performance.

Song 6. Stella Mwangi-Haba haba(Current poll result: 1st – 38.3%)

Stella is the hot favourite to win tonight for both our readers andthe bookmakers. Haba haba is a very happy and freshtune, with African elements. It would be very interesting to see the cold Norway being represented by this kind of tropical rhythms. Stella is delivering a convincing and effective performance, sharing her happiness with the public in the Spektrum Arena and at home. Very colourful act getting a huge applause from the audience.

Song 7. Åste& Rikke-Not that easy (Ah-åh-ah-åh) (Current poll result: 3rd – 12%)

The seventh song of the night is also one of the three top acts for our readers. Not that easy is a song that puts together RnB and hip hop elements. The two singers are backed by four dancers all dressed in black and using chairs as stage elements, reminding a bit of the Cabaret play main number. The vocal performance is very good. This is a common feature in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix and, in general, in all Scandinavian selection shows.

Song 8. Hanne Sørvaag-You're like a melody(Current poll result: 4th – 10.8%)

Just like in her first performance, Hanne is wearing a pink dress. You're like a melodyis a modernballad, with pop elements. The vocal performance isflawless, and the singer sings with sweetness. The staging is sober, with just a few lighting effects in thescreens behind.

This concludes tonight's performances! The results will be announced soon.

A video with funny moments of this year's Melodi Grand Prix is being shown. An interview with the Schlagerboys follows.

The four qualifyers for the superfinal are being announced:

  • The BlackSheeps
  • Sie Gubba
  • Stella Mwangi
  • The Lucky Bullets

Lines are now closed for voting.

Didrik Solli-Tangen, 2010 Norwegian representative, is now performing a revamped version of My heart is yours.

The results are coming in…

  • The audience gives the maximum points to Stella Mwangi.
  • Orland jury gives maximum points to The BlackSheeps.
  • Floro jury gives maximum points to The BlackSheeps.
  • Skien jury gives maximum points to Stella Mwangi.
  • Sarpsborg jury gives maximum points to Stella Mwangi.
  • Northwestern Norwegian public gives maximum points to Stella Mwangi.
  • Eastern Norwegian public gives maximum points to Stella Mwangi.