Israel: Netta conquers Times Square

by Stefano 1,291 views

This year’s Eurovision queen Netta from Israel went on to conquer Times Square, as the music video of her winning entry Toy was shown in the iconic square of Manhattan.

It is well known, the Eurovision Song Contest reaches audiences way beyond the geographical borders of Europe and Australia. Fans from all continents tune in to watch the Grand Final every year.

A global celebration

This week, Netta scored big by having the official music video of Toy displayed in Times Square, New York. This was part of a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel.

Despite the unique occasion and honour, it is not the first time that a Eurovision winner conquers this iconic square. 2014 Eurovision winner from Austria, Conchita, had her image and name projected because she was searched for more than Beyoncé and Lady Gaga on Google in May of that year.

Of course, that time the Eurovision queen only had an image on the billboard. This time Netta went all-in by having her entire music video to entertain a cheering and singing crowd.

Watch again the winning performance of Netta in Lisbon last May: