Ireland: Dustin the Turkey hopes to represent UK at the Eurovision Song Contest

by Eleanor Cooper 1,247 views

The controversial avian puppet who represented Ireland at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Dustin the Turkey, has announced he hopes to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Back in 2008, Dustin the Turkey was selected to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest, becoming one of the most memorable acts in recent years with his entry Irelande douze pointe, despite failing to make the final for Ireland in the 2008 contest.

Now, Dustin has his eyes set on the Eurovision stage once again, but this time not for his home country of Ireland. But if not Ireland, then which country?

From Ireland to the UK?

Turning his sights to the Irish neighbouring country of the United Kingdom, Dustin has expressed his wishes to compete for the country for his future Eurovision hopes.

Speaking to The Star, Dustin said:

I’m all grown up now. I’m 12. I would love to go and represent the UK in the Eurovision and I’ll tell you why, it’s very simple, you get straight to the final. I would love to do it with the UK. Sure what have they got to lose. My body and beautiful face just isn’t meant for Ireland.

Reflecting on the event he competed in back in 2008, Dustin said:

When RTE came to me and said we’re going to send you off to Eurovision, cos we don’t want to win this thing, here’s ten grand in a brown envelope, I said grand – I got a two week holiday to Serbia.

Rewatch Dustin the Turkey’s Eurovision performance in Serbia back in 2008:

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