Hungary: Viszlát Toy; check out AWS’s latest remix!

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Eurovision 2018 saw entries from various genres taking to the stage for the annual competition: from pop to rock-metal, music of all styles took to the Lisbon stage last month. But what happens when 2 entries of different genres come together in a remix? Let’s find out with AWS’s Viszlát toy

Last month Israel was crowned the winner of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, earning their fourth victory at the grand event at the 63rd edition of the competition in Lisbon. Netta won the contest with her entry Toy, gaining 529 points in the Grand Final.

Since her victory, many covers and parodies have been uploaded via social media, with the entry now becoming the most watched video via the official Eurovision YouTube channel last month.

One newly released remix has been uploaded online earlier today, however it’s probably a remix you was not expecting…

Pop meets metal in Viszlát toy

Earlier this afternoon, Hungary’s 2018 Eurovision representatives – AWS – uploaded a remix of their competing entry, Viszlát nyár, which has been combined with the winning entry from Israel.

Based on an idea from Viktor Szűcs, Viszlát toy sees 2 very different genres meeting to inspire a brand new creation; Viszlát toy features vocals and lyrics from Toy, with the backing track of Viszlát nyár.

Check out the latest creation here!

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