Norway: Running order for the final of MGP revealed

by Victor Hondal 89 views

This Saturday, the Norwegian selection for Eurovision, Melodi Grand Prix, will come to an end and thus we will know who is going to fly to Düsseldorf. The running order for the show has been announced today by the country's public broadcaster NRK.

See below the running order for the final of MGP, to be held on February 12th in Oslo:

  1. Helene BøksleVardlokk(Lyrics: Cecilie Larsen; music: Helene Bøksle, Sindre Hotvedt, Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
  2. Sie GubbaAlt du vil ha(Lyrics and music: Magne Almås, Petter Øien)
  3. Babel FishDepend on me(Lyrics and music: Tarjei van Ravens, Halvor Holter)
  4. The Lucky BulletsFire below(Lyrics and music: Knud Kleppe)
  5. The BlackSheepsDance tonight(Lyrics and music: Agnete Johnsen, Emelie Nilsen)
  6. Stella MwangiHaba haba(Lyrics and music: Beyond51, Big City)
  7. Åste& RikkeNot that easy (Ah-åh-ah-åh)(Lyrics and music: Rikke Normann)
  8. Hanne SørvaagYou're like a melody(Lyrics and music: Hanne Sørvaag)

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