Switzerland: Sinplus and Paolo Meneguzzi to perform at Lugano’s LGBT Pride

by Stefano 665 views

The very first city to host the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956 will live an intense Eurovision weekend, as former Swiss representative Sinplus (2012) and Paolo Meneguzzi (2008) are announced to perform at Lugano’s LGBT Pride festival.

Lugano is getting ready to host its very first LGBT pride parade, and it would not be the same with a good amount of former Eurovision participants. The duo Sinplus (2012) and Paolo Meneguzzi (2008), all from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, will jump on stage this weekend to delight the public.

Where it all began

Meneguzzi, who represented Switzerland in Belgrade in 2008 with the song Era stupendo, is set to perform on Friday, while Sinplus (Baku, 2012) will play on Satuday during a big concert offered at the end of the parade. The Pride Village will be located just a few minutes away from the theater where the Eurovision Song Contest was first organised, on 24 May 1956.

Have a look at Sinplus’ and Paolo Meneguzzi’s performances in Eurovision: