Portugal: Enjoy Salvador Sobral’s Mano A Mano

by Roy Knoops 1,428 views

Enjoy the Eurovision spirit a little longer and listen to Salvador Sobral’s latest song Mano a mano, which he premiered at Eurovosion 2018 in Lisbon.

The Grand Final of Eurovision 2018 is almost three weeks behind us, but there’s no need for post-Eurovision depression as there are a lot of songs to enjoy throughout the summer. One of them is Mano a mano by ESC 2017 winner Salvador Sobral. The artist presented his new song during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018 accompanied by musical partner and pianist Júlio Resende, who composed the music.

Mano a mano, or “hand in hand”, is a heartfelt song expressing the longing to find a companion in difficult times, as the song says:

All we can do is go hand in hand
If we don’t want to end up alone
Let that piano of yours
Intertwine with my voice

Indeed, Salvador’s voice blends magically with Júlio’s mastery of the piano, creating a captivating atmosphere. Lyrics are by Maria do Rosário Pedreira, while André Rosinha plays double bass and Bruno Pedroso drums.

Enjoy Mano a mano!

And watch the Grand Final performance of Mano a mano once again, in which Salvador Sobral also presented his ESC 2017 winning song Amar pelos dois alongside musical legend Caetano Veloso: