United Kingdom: SuRie is Taking It Over

by Roy Knoops 1,495 views

Artist SuRie from the United Kingdom is back with the follow-up to her Eurovision song Storm: Taking it over.

Taking it over is the latest single by sympathetic artist SuRie. The song describes how the singer relies on her own inner strength, taking matters into her own hands.

Written by SuRie, Up & Down and Xavier Boyer, and produced by Up & Down, the lyric video was created by Wonder Dog:

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Eurovision 2018

SuRie, stage name of Susanna Marie Cork, represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. With her pop-anthem Storm she placed 24th in the Grand Final with 48 points.

Although SuRie’s performance was disturbed by a political activist who snatched the microphone from her hands, she powerfully completed Storm on stage, much to the acclaim of the audience. SuRie was applauded for her resilience and strength.