Live: Third elimination round of Dora

by Laura Gudim 99 views

Tonight at 2010 CET, the third round of the Croatian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Zagreb.

How to watch

  • Live on HRT1 at 20:10 CET
  • Webcast (HRT official streams)


  • Katica Marinovic
  • Doris Teur
  • Mirko Švenda
  • Ana Eškinja
  • Saša Lozar
  • Tina Vukov
  • Miro Tomic
  • Jelena Vanjek
  • Dora Benc
  • Sabrina Hebiri
  • Jacques Houdek


The show is starting.

The presenters coming on: Aleksandar Kostadinov and Leona Paraminski.

Now Monika Lelas from Croatian Radio has come on.

Now the contestants are coming on.

And through from last week is Darija!

Introducing tonight's experts:

  • Maja Blagdan from 1996

…wearing a black evening dress with a giant chain

  • Hari Varesanovic

Hari, who has just celebrated his 50th birthday, gets a loud applause. He is wearing a black suit with an open white shirt.

  • 1966 Monegasque and 1972 Yugoslavian entrant, the legendary Tereza Kesovija

1. Mirko Švenda

Mirko Švenda first, the oldest contestant, compares himself to the Olsen Brothers, due to his age! He sings I'm still standing by Elton John. Mirko is dressed in black and doesn't sound as confident as he did last week.

2. Doris Teur

Doris Teur now, at 19 the youngest. She sings Tako Lako (So easy) by Cacadou Look, dressed casually.

3.Saša Lozar

Saša Lozar performs Stars by Simply Red.

Now over to the experts. Hari praises the orchestra, the Eldorados, and says he likes Mirko best so far.

Adverts now.

4. Dora Benc

Dora Benc now, singing Mjesec (Moon) by the Tour, sitting on a swing! A plump young singer dressed in black with long blonde hair.

5. Sabrina Hebiri

Sabrina Hebiri now singing Mercy by Duffy. Slim dark singer with long curly black hair and dressed in a short, tight black dress. The vocals are strong.

6. Miro Tomic

Miro Tomic now, singing Niko kao ti (Nobody like you) by the Songkillers. Slim young singer in grey suit.

Over to the experts again. They all praise Sabrina.

7. Jacques Houdek

Jacques Houdek now, saying that he wants to be himself, not go to the gym and lose weight! He sings Right here waiting by Richard Marx. Very strong vocals, he has great presence on stage. Huge applause for Jacques, the loudest so far this evening.

8. Katica Marinovic

Katica Marinovic now, singing Vatra i led (Fire and ice) by Colonia. A very skinny singer in a trouser suit.

9. Tina Vukov

Time for Tina Vukov. She sings Cry cry by Oceana. Very short singer wearing boots with killer heels! She's got a sore throat but still manges to sing well.

Back to the experts, and Maja says she hopes Jacques will represent Croatia at the ESC! They all praise Jacques. Tereza says that Jacques's excess kilos contribute to his excellent vocal range.

10. Jelena Vanjek

Jelena Vanjek is now singing the Amy Winehouse song Valerie. Dressed in an eccentric manner in a puffy pink dress and short cropped hair dyed blonde and black, singing well. She said that she constantly battles with excess kilograms, but has put a huge black bow round her waist! Loud applause.

11. Ana Eškinja

Now it's Ana Eškinja's turn. She sings Alejandro by Lady Gaga. She has a very strange hairstyle – curly bunches and is wearing a little black dress with a long red scarf.

12. Daria Kinzer

Daria Kinzer is getting ready for her performance and speaks to Monika in a very strong German accent. She sings the song Ugasi me by the legendary Croatian band Parnji Valjak.

Now the experts speak again. Tereza says once again that Jacques is the best.

Voting starts now!

Now Hari is going to sing Lejla, his 2006 ESC entry which placed third. Huge applause in the hall for Hari!

Telephones lines were blocked so there is another 5 minutes of voting.

Voting has finally finished. There is a short advert break and then Maja Blagdan will sing.

She sings her 1996 ESC entry Sveta Ljubav (Divine Love).

Loud applause for Maja.

Results are here.

Going through are:

  • Katina Marinovic
  • Ana Eškinja
  • Jacques Houdek
  • Daria Kinzer
  • Mirko Švenda