Spain: Five more acts proceed to the semifinal

by Victor Hondal 70 views

The second qualifying round of the Spanish selection for Eurovision 2011, Destino Eurovisión, has taken place tonight. Five more acts have won a place in the semifinal, whose line-up is already complete.

TheTVE studios in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, have seen the second heat of the 2011 Spanish selection taking place. Three acts advance to the semifinal thanks to the public's support. Other two have qualified via jury voting. The show was hosted by Anne Igartiburu and 2010 representative Daniel Diges.

The results

These are the five acts to qualify for the final:

  • Esmeralda Grao (televoting)
  • Melissa (televoting)
  • Sebas (televoting)
  • Mónica Guech (jury)
  • Don Johnsons (jury)

Therefore, we already know the complete line-up for the semifinal of Destino Eurovisión:

  • David Sancho
  • Auryn
  • Lucía Pérez
  • Gio
  • Da Igual
  • Esmeralda Grao
  • Melissa
  • Sebas
  • Mónica Guech
  • Don Johnsons poll

The readers widely agreed with the actual outcome of the show. Mónica Guech, Melissa, Sebas and Esmeralda Grao, top-4 in our poll, have all qualified for the final. Only Don Johnsons wasn't correctly predicted, being the 6th most voted option in the poll.