United Kingdom: James Blunt willing to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest

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British singer-songwriter and king of Twitter comebacks, James Blunt, has revealed that he would be willing to represent the United Kingdom at a future edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Yet another big name in the United Kingdom has expressed their desire and willingness to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest, this time from the British singer-songwriter and former British Army officer, James Blunt.

Blunt rose to fame both in the United Kingdom and internationally back in 2004 following the release of his debut album Back to bedlam, achieving mass recognition for his singles including potentially his biggest hit, You’re beautiful.

Blunt’s career has since continued over the years, releasing his fifth studio album to date back in 2017, The afterlove, followed by an international tour which is currently ongoing.

As part of his travels, Blunt is currently in Estonia to perform at his The Afterlove World Tour in Tallinn. Only a matter of hours before, Blunt was a guest at the prestige Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the United Kingdom, a wedding he described as “beautiful and touching”.

James Blunt and Eurovision

Speaking to Publik DELFI following his arrival in Estonia, the singer was asked about his thoughts on the winner of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Giving his opinion of Toy by Netta, Blunt said:

I thought it was great! I genuinely thought that it was exciting and different and full of character and I’m so relieved it won.

Netta’s performance at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018

Blunt went on to add his opinion about the United Kingdom’s chances at the Eurovision Song Contest:

The thing I’m saddest about is that the UK just does so badly. [The UK] never wins and I’m really just waiting for them to call me. Because I’m here, just to fix this.

Asked when we will see the singer on the Eurovision stage, Blunt revealed:

I think whenever the UK is just ready to win Eurovision.

Watch the whole interview with Publik DELFI below:

Blunt becomes the second artist in close succession to reveal his interest in representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision, joining former Take That member and current solo artist Robbie Williams. Will the BBC show any interest in selecting either of the above artists for 2019? Time will tell…

Would you like to see James Blunt representing the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest? Or maybe even produce an entry for the country?