Eurovision 2018: Behind the scenes with the spokespersons ahead of broadcast

by Jessica Weaver 3,323 views

Ever wondered what the spokespersons do or say ahead of the live broadcaster during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest? Official footage has been captured ahead of last week’s broadcast, let’s check it out!

During the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, spokespersons from around the continent and beyond are preparing to hand out the results of their country’s national jury, ahead of the second half of the results which are presented by the hosts.

This year, a total of 43 spokespersons were present and ready to unveil the jury results of their own participating country, broadcasting their results from across the globe.

There’s always plenty of time to spare during the Grand Final broadcast, with the spokespersons waiting in their studio for the results to come in, waiting once again to then present the official jury results of their nation.

Spokespersons ahead of broadcast

What do the spokespersons do or say ahead of their moments of fame on international television? From practising their speeches to talking to studio members ahead of broadcast, here’s a look at how the spokespersons of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest prepared ahead of their moment!

All clips have been gathered by the YouTube user thequalitydan.