Eurovision 2018: Voting is underway in the Barbara Dex Award 2018!

by Jessica Weaver 4,372 views

The Barbara Dex Award is back and voting is underway! Who do you think was the worst dressed participant at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest? Have your say and vote for who you believe should win the annual fan award!

It’s that time of year once again where it’s time to decide your worst dressed artist of the Eurovision Song Contest! The Barbara Dex Award returns for its 22nd ceremony, in which all 43 participating artists are scrutinised by the public for their outfit choices at the 2018 competition.

Whose outfit surprised you during the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest? Who would you personally crown as the worst dressed artist of this year? Now you can have your say!

Last year, Montenegro’s Slavko won the Barbara Dex Award with his see-through shirt and his iconic ponytail, an award which (thankfully!) the singer saw as a huge honour. Will this year’s winner feel the same way about being crowned the winner?

Slavko’s semi-final performance for Montenegro at Eurovision 2017

What is the Barbara Dex Award?

The Barbara Dex Award is named after Belgium’s 1993 representative, whose outfit on the stage back in the 90s was created by the artist herself. The outfit receive ridicule from fans across the continent at the time, later on becoming one of the most iconic outfits seen on the Eurovision stage.

Barbara Dex’s Eurovision participation in 1993, wearing ‘that’ dress

The award was first presented in 1997, which was presented to Malta’s Debbie Scerri during her participation in the host city of Dublin. The award has been presented annually ever since, with many of the winning Barbara Dex Award outfits becoming some of the most memorable onstage in Eurovision history.

Other previous winners of the Barbara Dex Award include Germany’s Guido Horn in 1998, t.A.T.u. of Russia in 2003, Verka Serduchka from Ukraine in 2007 and the Netherlands’ Trijntje Oosterhuis in 2015.

Who do you think deserves to win the 2018 award? Voting is now open with votes being counted at Get your votes in before Sunday 20 May at 12:00 CEST!