Moldova: What happens behind closed doors on the Eurovision 2018 stage

by Jessica Weaver 9,119 views

At this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, one of the most highly discussed performances of the competition came from the Moldovan representatives, DoReDos, whose choreography onstage really appealed to both the public and jury this weekend. This leads to the questions: how does Moldova’s staging work behind closed doors?

This weekend saw the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, in which a total of 26 countries competed with hopes of earning the 63rd Eurovision trophy and bringing the competition back to their home country for 2019.

Whilst Israel was crowned the eventual winner of the 2018 competition last night, one positive result came from Moldova and their representatives, DoReDos, who managed to earn their country yet another top 10 placing in Lisbon with their entry My lucky day.

DoReDos received 209 points in the Eurovision 2018 final

It looks like a simplistic routine for the Moldovan trio, however a lot of work has gone into the country’s stage performance for the competition.

Behind the scenes with Moldova

On the same night of the Eurovision 2018 final, a special video was upload by DoReDos showing the routine behind the doors featured onstage in Lisbon.

The staging includes a complicated routine from the Moldovan trio, who perform alongside 3 backing vocalists and dancers, all of whom are heavily involved in this hectic but cleverly put together performance.

Have you wondered how Moldova’s staging looks behind closed doors? Now you can find out! Watch the exclusive footage from DoReDos’s earlier rehearsal ahead of their stage performance at the Altice Arena.