Israel is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018!

by Jessica Weaver 12,720 views

That’s it! We have our winner of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! Israel has received the highest combined total of points at this year’s competition, becoming the winner of the 63rd edition of Europe’s much loved song contest.

With 2 semi-finals down, tonight was the night of the much anticipated Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, in which a total of 26 countries competed with hopes of earning the next Eurovision win in the host city of Lisbon.

Opening tonight’s show was Ana Moura and Mariza, both of whom showing the continent the very best of fado music, with the much loved flag ceremony following with music performed by Beatbombers.

It was a varied show this evening: from fire openings to popera, from bag choreography to rock-metal, we’ve really seen a wide range of entries during tonight’s Grand Final which is sure to appeal to people of all music genre fans! We’ve even seen an unfortunate stage invasion during the United Kingdom’s performance which has failed to go unnoticed.

Recap of the final performances at Eurovision 2018

Tonight’s winner was determined in 2 parts; whilst 50% of the vote was determined last night by the jury, this evening saw the remaining 50% of the final outcome decided via a public vote, with votes coming in from all of the 43 participating countries.

The Grand Final interval acts consisted of duets with Branko, with collaborating artists including Sara Tavares, Dino D’Santiago and Mayra Andrade. Last year’s winner, Salvador Sobral, also made his return to the stage this evening alongside Brazilian artist Caetano Veloso, both of whom performing Portugal’s winning Eurovision 2017 entry, Amar pelos dois.

The results are in!

Voting kicked off this evening with the votes of the national juries. All 43 countries voted in tonight’s jury section of the vote, each of whom announced their top 10 results one at a time to the hosts.

Jury results of the Eurovision 2018 final

Leading the jury vote was Cesar Sampson from Austria, with Sweden and Israel following and second and third position, but it was time to move on to the public vote to see whether the final outcome would be greatly affected.

The votes were slowly unveiled, with the public top 10 being revealed as Israel, Germany, Cyprus, Estonia, Moldova, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark and Ukraine. Which country, if any, ended up topping the scoreboard and becoming the next Eurovision Song Contest winner? Here’s a look at the final results!

  1. Israel: 529 points
  2. Cyprus: 436 points
  3. Austria: 342 points
  4. Germany: 340 points
  5. Italy: 308 points
  6. Czech Republic: 281 points
  7. Sweden: 274 points
  8. Estonia: 245 points
  9. Denmark: 226 points
  10. Moldova: 209 points
  11. Albania: 184 points
  12. Lithuania: 181 points
  13. France: 173 points
  14. Bulgaria: 166 points
  15. Norway: 144 points
  16. Ireland: 136 points
  17. Ukraine: 130 points
  18. The Netherlands: 121 points
  19. Serbia: 113 points
  20. Australia: 99 points
  21. Hungary: 93 points
  22. Slovenia: 64 points
  23. Spain: 61 points
  24. United Kingdom: 48 points
  25. Finland: 46 points
  26. Portugal: 39 points

Israel receives the highest number of votes, winning the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest!