Norway: The Results

by Cole Lewis 123 views

The third and final Semi Final to decide the representative of Norway in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast tonight and the results are out. Six acts have a place in the Final in Oslo, they will be joined by two more from the Siste Sjansen (Second Chance Round) to be held in Sarpsburg next Saturday.

The Norwegian entry has been heard, and twelve songs are still potential entries to represent the Scandanavian country in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Germany on the 14th of May.

The songs which are automatically in the final are:

  • Helene Bøksle –Vardlokk
  • Åste & Rikke – Not that easy (Ah-åh-ah-åh
  • Babel Fish – Depend on me
  • Hanne Sørvaag – You're like a melody
  • Stella Mwangi – Habba Habba
  • The Blacksheeps – Dance Tonight

The acts which will participate in the Siste Sjansen on the 5th of February in Sarpsburg are:

  • The Lucky Bullets – Fire below
  • Susperia – Nothingremains
  • Endre – Oh oh (Puppy love)
  • Mimi Blix – Allergic
  • Sie Gubba – Alt du vil ha
  • Use Me – Daisy

Norway will participate in the first Semi Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest which will be held on the 10th of May.