Ukraine: Ruslana to perform at the Eurovision Village

by Alex Vovidis 1,170 views

Eurovision’s most “wild” winner Ruslana will perform at the Eurovision Village this Saturday May 12th at 6:00 pm. The 2004 Ukrainian representative will take the Eurovision Village’ stage and raise awareness over her latest project, the Era of Clean Energy.

During her performance at the Eurovision Village, Ruslana will present her new live show with exotic instruments, live rock set, exclusive premieres and surpring features. Apart from that, the first Ukrainian Eurovision winner will not only take the stage to perform but also to adress her opinion on clean energy for a sustainable future of mankind. Ruslana has being researching from the Ukrainian Carpathians to the authentic rituals, ancient techniques of singing and dancing. She has also dedicated her Wild Energy project to the green natural sources of energy for the planet and mankind.

Geplaatst door Ruslana Lyzhychko op maandag 7 mei 2018

She recenlty stated:

As one of the biggest music shows worldwide Eurovision has tremendous influence. Therefore its mission could become the promotion of progressive values. Renewable energy is the clean energy of the elements of nature, the energy of healing for the planet and humanity, the energy of peace. Now, when I am not competing but take part as a guest, I’d like to invite fans around the world, all those who love music and care for our earth, to step into the new era – The Era of Clean Energy.

and added:

My creative expression of the Clean Energy idea is the reconstruction of the ancient myth of meta-music. The mystery of healing through primal techniques, combining singing and dances.

Today I am calling on all people around the world, all those who love music, all those who follow up the Eurovision winners. #Eurovision can have a humanitarian mission – I call for making Eurovision a source of Clean Energy, Renewable Energy. #EnergyForPeace! We need clean energy to win! Abilities are here: Go renewable!I am #RUSLANA, Eurovision 2004 and World Music Awards 2004 winner Ukraine’s Good Will Ambassador for UNICEF, present my new exotic show #WILDENERGY:Portugal, Lisbon, Praça do ComercioEurovision VillageMay 12, 18:00, right before the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Grand Final.Music is a clean energy The pristine energy will save our Planet!From now on I am starting up the social campaign for clean energy – energy the future to save our planet an peace all for current and future generations.

Geplaatst door Ruslana Lyzhychko op woensdag 9 mei 2018

Ruslana has become Ukraine’s best-selling artist, winning the country’s first official platinum disc even prior to her Eurovision victory. After Eurovision she supported international social initiatives and democratic processes in her country, gaining a series of other international achievements, such as “World Music Awards, Ukraine’s Good Will Ambassador for UNICEF, Freedom Award”, International Women of Courage and many more, as an artist and social activist.