Live: First heat in Spain

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Destino Eurovisión 2011, the Spanish Eurovision 2011 national selection will be kicking off in a few minutes. Twelve candidates will battle each another in their quest to qualify for the semifinal. Who will be lucky 5 candidates to go through the next phase?

How to watch

  • Live on TVE1 at 22:15 CET
  • Webcast (TVE official)
  • Via satellite on TVE Internacional Europa (Hotbird 19), live at 22:15 CET

Participants (in alphabetical order)

  • Auryn – Fly on the wings of love (Denmark 2000)
  • Baltanás – Fairytale (Norway 2009)
  • Da Igual – Bailar pegados (Spain 1991)
  • David Sancho – Estando contigo (Spain 1961)
  • Gio – Satellite (Germany 2010)
  • Guadiana –Ne partez pas sans moi (Switzerland 1988)
  • Las Miranda – Ding-a-dong (Netherlands 1975)
  • Lucía Pérez – No tengo edad (Non ho l'eta) (Italy 1963)
  • María López – Gwendolyne (Spain 1970)
  • Paula Marengo – Vuelve conmigo (Spain 1995)
  • Roima Durán – Wild Dances (Ukraine 2004)
  • Sunami – Gwendolyne (Spain 1970)


Destino Eurovision, the first Spanish Eurovision has just kicked off with Anne Irgatiburu welcoming fans and viewers. She presents the expert Jury for tonight's heat: Albert Hammond, David Ascario, Boris Izaguirre, Merche and Reyes del Amor. Daniel Diges last year's Spanish Eurovision representative is backstage in order to give us the latest developments from the green room.

Song number 1 – David Sancho sings the 1961 Spanish Eurovision Song Contest entry Estando contigo, the very first Spanish Eurovision entry. David who hails from Teruel, appears on stage with an Elvis Presley look and gives the song a rock n roll feel. He is flanked by 3 female dancers.

Song number 2 – Roima Duran who hails from Malaga sings the 2004 Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest winning entry Wild Dances . She appears in black outfit with very short hot pants and is surrounded by 3 female and 2 male dancers. A powerful voice, but somehow the performance lacks the energy of Ruslana.

Song number 3 – Da igual, a boyband from Reus sing Bailar Pegados the 1991 Spanish entry by Sergio Dalma. The boys give the song a fresh and young look and feeling. The lead singer has very strong vocals and sings this ballad in a rock style. The performance has gone down very well with the audience.

The Jury now decide to expel Roima Duran from the first 3 acts, so she is out of the competition. Da Igual and David Sancho will pass to the televoting phase.

Song number 4 – Lucia Perez sings No tengo Edad (Non lo h'eta), the 1963 winning Italian entry in Spanish. This song gave Gigliola Cinquetti and Italy its first Eurovision entry. Lucia is dressed in a powder pink dress and sings this ballad majestically, showcasing her powerful voice. A very elegant performance!

Song number 5 – Auryn sing Fly on the Wing of love, the 2000 Danish Euovision Song Contest winner entry. Auryn is a boyband which could have a clear resemblance to Boyzone or Back Street Boys. The 5 boys are all dressed in grey and black sing the song smoothly. The jury like their performance.

Song number 6 – Las Miranda, twins sisters from Barcelona sing the 1975 Dutch winning entery entry Ding- a-dong. Black seems to be colour of the night with powder pink. The girls appear on stage wearing purple corsets and powder pink mini skirts. The girls give the song a jazzy feel with their glamorous look and well coordinated dance routine.

The jury now decide to expel Las Miranda from the previous 3 acts, so the twins are out of the competition. Auryn and Lucia Perez will pass to the televoting phase.

Song number 7 – The group Sunami sing the 1970 Spanish entry Gwendolyne by Julio Inglesias, they perform a rock version of this tune. A rockband performs the song in true Spanish rockband fashion, the lead singer is both confident and comfortable on stage. Sunami have transformed Julio Iglesia's ballad into a strong rock song! Another act dressed in black!

Song number 8 – Gio sings Lena's Satellite, the 2010 Eurovision German winning entry. Geo hails from Madrid and gives Lena's song another look by giving it a rap and r'n'b feel but somehow he does not seem very convincing on stage. He is flanked by 2 male and 2 female dancers.

Song number 9 – Guadiana sings Ne partez pas sans moi, the winning 1988 Eurovision Song Contest from Switzerland. Guadiana hails from Badajoz and sings this beautiful ballad dressed in an orange and golden mixed coloured dress. She truly excels with a magnificent performance. 2 dancers appear behind her on stage as she starts the song in French and finishes it in Spanish showcasing her powerful vocals. One of the best performances of the night!

Now the jury decide to expel Sunami, so the boyband are out of the competition. Guadian and Gio will pass to the televoting phase.

Song number 10 – Maria Lopez sings the 1995 Spanish entry Vuelve conmigo. Maria gives an immaculate performance of Anabel Conde's song. Dressed in a regal silver dress, Maria shows off her vocals and gives one of the night's best performances.

Song number 11 – Baltanas sings the 2009 Eurovision Norwegian winning entry Fairytale. Baltanas tries to represent Spain for the 3rd time, he first tried back in 2007 in Mision Eurovision. Dressed in black and accompanied on stage by a violinist and 2 sexy backing singers wearing Russian hats, Baltanas excels showcasing his powerful voice. The song is accompanied by small dance routine.

Song number 12 – Paula Marengo sing Tu te reconnaitras, the Luxembourg's 1973 winning Eurovision entry. Paula appears on stage dressed in a white mini dress, flanked by 5 vocalists. She starts the song in French and finishes it off in Spain. She surely knows how to make this ballad her own, thus portraying her powerful vocal skills.

The jury decide to expels Paula Marengo, so is she is out of the competition. Baltanas and Maria Lopez pass to the televote phase.

The 2009 Spanish representative Soraya is now on stage performing her latest song Live your dreams. She is back on the Eurovision scene, dressed in a silver off white dress, treating her fans to the best of her music.

The acts that qualify for the Spanish Eurovision semifinal via televoting are: David Sancho, Auryn, Lucia Perez.

The acts that qualify for the Spanish Eurovision semifinal via the Jury expert jury are: Gio, Da Igual.

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