Odds Monitor: Cyprus overtakes Israel as the favourite to win

by Richard West-Soley 13,293 views

Fans are waking up to a surprise in the betting odds this morning with a break in the deadlock of recent weeks. Cyprus’ Eleni has overtaken Israel as the overall favourite position win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Fuego”.

In the end, the threat to Netta’s favourite spot did not come from Norway or Estonia, countries that had been tracking her closely in the betting for the past few days. Rather, it is Cyprus, rising steadily from lower down in the table, that suddenly makes the leap forward from fourth to first.

Israel drifts back slightly to make way for the new favourite. It is currently possible to get 3/1 on “Toy” winning the contest, the longest odds on the country in some time.

The new standings are as follows:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Israel
  3. Norway
  4. Estonia
  5. France
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Sweden
  9. Italy
  10. Moldova

The results of tonight’s semifinal will no doubt shake the odds up even more. Stay tuned for our pre-show betting snapshot and results analysis this evening!