Tonight: First semi-final jury show for Eurovision 2018

by Jessica Weaver 10,469 views

One more day until the first official live show for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! Ahead of semi-final 1 on jury, it’s time for the jury to determine their votes for the competition in tonight’s jury show, in which the participants will take to the stage for 50% of the final outcome to be decided.

It’s time for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest to well and truly begin this evening, with half of the votes for the first semi-final set to be determined in tonight’s show! Nineteen countries will compete in the first semi-final, but only 10 will manage to earn a place in the final this coming Saturday.

Semi-final 1 participants

As well as the jury members from the 19 semi-final 1 participating countries, jury members from Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom will also cast their votes tonight.

Jury show breakdown

As has become tradition over the past number of years, the eventual results from each of the 3 shows are determined via a combined 50% jury vote and 50% public vote.

Whilst the public are invited to vote during the live shows, the jury votes are determined the evening before during the official jury show.

The jury show runs just as the live show would: all artists take to the stage in their finalised outfits, performing exactly how they would perform on the night of the official live show on the following evening. The jury will rank each performance on a number of different criteria, with their votes to be added together with those of the voting public.

The countries which received the highest combined scores following the count up of both the jury and public votes will advance to Saturday’s grand final, which in total will see 26 countries fighting for the Eurovision 2018 victory in the host city of Lisbon.

As is always the case, the jury show will not be broadcast. However we will be providing live updates from the press centre, so be sure to join us this evening for all of the updates!

The jury show will kick off from 21:00 CEST (20:00 local time), the same time as the official Eurovision live shows.