Iceland: Johanna speaks to

by Victor Hondal 56 views

Moments after taking her place in the Icelandic Eurovision Song Contest national final, Johanna spoke to's Barry Viniker about her return to the competition.

How did it feel to be back in the Icelandic selections?

It’s all very exciting and very strange as well because it’s been such a short time since I was here before. There was more pressure this time. Last time I just practiced and no-one really had expectations, but this time there was more pressure, people expect more of you but it’s a lot of fun and a good challenge.

Eurovision fans and Johanna fans have been celebrating online this evening, do you have a message for them and readers of

Absolutely. Thank you for watching, especially if you’re not in Iceland tonight. I hope the webstream was good and that you enjoyed the show and of course I hope you like the new song. I really appreciate the fans being here for me because I’ve not been high profile since 2009, and it’s so great that you haven’t forgotten me.

If you win, what language will you perform the song in at the Eurovision Song Contest?

We haven’t decided yet, we haven’t won the competition, so let’s go one step at a time. The song was actually written in English and I personally think it’s better in English, but it’s up to the writers. If I do win, I’d love to perform it in English at the end of the final, but right now, it’s just a dream.

Would you tour with the song again before the finals in Germany?

Yes. I loved going to the Preview Party in London last time. It was so much fun and of course, I’d love to come back so if I’m invited I’ll be there.

Yohanna – Nótt