UPD Croatia: 5 acts proceed from first show

by Laura Gudim 74 views

Tonight in Zagreb, the first round of the Croatian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Dora, took place.

Twelve acts performed well-known songs, alternating between Croatian and English, and five winners have progessed to the next round.

During next Saturday's show, the sixth entrant from tonight's show who has qualified will be announced. The artists who have qualified are:

  • Miro Tomic
  • Jelena Vanjek
  • Dora Benc
  • Sabrina Hebiri
  • Jacques Houdek

UPDATE. During the press conference following the show, it has been announced that a mistake was made when announcing the results. Jelena Vanjek qualifies for the next phase instead of Damir Kedzo.

Jacques Houdek was announced as having received the most votes, therefore reprised his song at the end of the show.

Dora 2011 will consist of seven programmes on which contestants will perform live, with televoting deciding who progresses in the first 6 shows. The final show when Croatia's entry will be decided will use a 50:50 split between televoting and a jury.

In the first two shows, 12 acts will compete in each show and the top six of them progress to the show in the third week. In the third programme, these twelve acts will compete against each other with six of them will be eliminated. In the fourth programme, these 6 acts will be whittled down to 4, and in the fifth and six week, one of the surviving acts will be voted.