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PBS published the twenty-four songs that will compete in the Malta Eurovision Festival 2011. On Friday a snippet of each song was aired on a TV show broadcasted on the national broadcaster. The songs will compete for sixteen spots in the final scheduled for 12th February.

The songs were announced last Saturday as this year’s national final will feature a combination of established and debutants in Malta’s most prestigious festival. A mixture of a professional jury and public vote will decide upon Malta’s 24th representative/s in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The twenty-four qualified acts

(singer / title / composer / author)

Amber – Catch 22 (Ray Agius, Godwin Sant)

Jessica Muscat – Down Down Down (Philip Vella, Jessica Muscat)

Wayne Micallef – Everybody Sing(Wayne Micallef, Wayne Micallef)

Richard Edwards – Finally (Jan Van Dijck, Richard Micallef)

Cherise Grixti – Heart of Glass (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)

Marilena Gauci – He's a Demon (Michael Henry, Anthony Grech)

Eleanor Cassar – Hypnotized (Paul Giordimania , Fleur Balzan)

Raquela If I Could Do It All Again (Marc Paelnick, Mathias Strasser)

Domenique Azzopardi – I'll Follow the Sunshine (Ralph Siegel, Dr. Bernd Meinunger)

Jamie Tonna – Lost Without You (Marco Debono, Aidan O'Connor)

Kelly Schembri – Love Me Like Your Money (Sven Lundhol, Gerard James Borg)

Sophie Debattista – Love to Love You (Elton Zarb, Sophie Debattista)

Baklava – Mood Dance (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)

Claudia Faniello – Movie in my Mind (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)

Fabrizo Faniello – No Surrender (Johan Stentorp , Johan Bederholm)

Ally – Numb (Ally, Ally)

Glen Vella – One Life (Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan)

Kurt Calleja – Over and Over (Johan J'atmberg, Kurt Calleja)

Klinsmann Coleiro / Benjamin Darmanin – This Love (Klinsmann Coleiro, Jonathan Spiteri)

J.Anvil – Topsy Turvy (Jonas Gladnikoff / Niall Mooney / Andrew Zahra, Deo Grech / Natasha Turner)

Amber – Touch Wood (Ray Agius, Alfred Sant)

Anna Azzopardi – Unfaithful (Renato Briffa, Keith Zammit)

Petra Zammit – Unintentional (Elton Zarb, Rita Pace)

Rosman Pace – You'll Never Know (Steven D. Cook, Jordan Milnes

You can listen to the songs by clicking here

The national final will take place in the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

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