44 artists fight for the Lithuanian ticket for Düsseldorf

by Alexandru Busa 84 views

44 Lithuanian artists will fight for the honour of representing the sunny Baltic country at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Three semi finals will be aired by the National Lithuanian Television (LRT) on February 5th, 12th and 19th and will determine the first nine qualified entries for the national final to be held in late February. Other six finalists will be granted wildcards by LRT and website zebra.lt

Although a total number of 70 songs were received by the Lithuanian national broadcaster (LRT), a special jury selected 44 of them to advance to the next phase of the selection. Three pre-recorded semi finals will be aired on February 5th, 12th and 19th. From each of the heats, three songs will qualify for the big final through a combination of jury and televoting. The line-up of the final will be completed by five wild card from LRT and one from the website zebra.lt

This is how the line-up for this year's Lithuanian national selection is looking like :

  1. Ruta Šciogolevaite – I will break free
  2. Evelina Sašenko – C‘est ma vie
  3. Mino – Don‘t go
  4. Linas Adomaitis – Floating to You
  5. Donny Montell – Let me
  6. Sasha Song – The Slogan of Our Nation
  7. Donny Montell and Sasha Song – Best friends
  8. Vilija – Dreams
  9. Nora – What is love?
  10. Monika – Days go by
  11. Jurate Miliauskaite – Tiesiog diena
  12. Egle Petrikaite – Laimingi kaip mes
  13. Urte Šilagalyte – Candy Baby
  14. Martynas Beinaris – Tomorrow and after
  15. Ramunas Difartas& Gyvo Garso klubas – Before you go
  16. Agnieška – Her name is May
  17. Eden – Sleep of Mind
  18. El Fuego – Esu zmogus
  19. Egle Jakštyte – Meile yra
  20. Valdas Maksvytis – Leisk mylet
  21. Deividas Bastys – My Girl
  22. Violeta Valskyte – You make me…
  23. AvenueAcoustic – Atgali nuodeme
  24. Dovydas Mašcinskas – Dirty Avenue
  25. Aurelija Slavinskaite – The End
  26. Viktorija Ivaškeviciute – Be my Baby
  27. Guoda Isado – Ciuto tuto
  28. Gintare Korsakaite – Atmerk akis
  29. Grazina Jonušaite – Mylek savo prieša
  30. Flaer –Kibernetiniam sode
  31. 24for7 – Puffy lips
  32. Laura Jaraite – City of Steel
  33. Egle Petrošiute – Smile
  34. Vigroses – Freedom of mind
  35. The Independent – 7th bus
  36. Dave and Henry – Fresh air dream
  37. Timohi – Setellite of Setellite
  38. Mezzo Tronic – I Mean It
  39. Liepa – Laukiu
  40. Tofu Bubble – Take
  41. Greta Smidt – Electronic Love
  42. Asta Pilypaite – Will You
  43. Kas jos tokios? – Unbreakable
  44. EDEN – Sleep of Mind

Lithuania is the only Baltic country without scoring a Eurovision win. Last year, they were represented by Inculto with their comedy act Eastern European funk which didn't score enough points to qualify for the big final.