Shy'm rumoured, France Télévisions don't confirm

by Victor Hondal 100 views

Whereas the decision of France Télévisions not to hold a public national selection this year is already known, there are already rumours on who will represent the country in Düsseldorf. Several names have been tipped to be France's choice for 2011, even though the most talked about artist at the moment is Shy'm, a popular R'n'B singer.

Shy'm is a successful singer in France, charting high in her country withsingles like Prendre l'air, Je sais or Je suis moi.

France Télévisions, the public broadcaster in charge of the country's Eurovision preparations, has not confirmed the news. According to their press office, the Shy'm story is "an unfounded rumour", and more information on the French representative in Eurovision 2011 will become public "in one month".

It must be taken into account that last year rumours on Christophe Willem representing France in Oslo arose, and finally Jessy Matador became the country's ambassador in Eurovision 2010.

Shy'm – Prendre l'air

Shy'm – Je suis moi