Ukraine: MÉLOVIN releases the official music video of Under the Ladder

by Roy Knoops 1,098 views

Being fashionably late, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 representative MÉLOVIN has lifted the veil off the official video for Under the ladder.

With the rehearsals already well under way in Lisbon, MÉLOVIN, the enigmatic stage persona of artist Kostyantyn Mykolayovych Bocharov, has finally revealed the official music video to accompany his entry Under the ladder.

Keeping in style with MÉLOVIN’s mysterious flair, the video features the young singer being enticed by a powerful scarlet woman (played by Ukrainian Top Model of the World 2017 Julia Gershun), who attempts to snare him in her dark web.

The artist feels the flames of passion, but the fire inside himself will keep him on the right track…

Yet literally playing with fire has its risks, as MÉLOVIN describes:

At some point, I just felt like my hands are actually on fire and asked to check if the protection is still working. Needless to say, it was all nearly gone by that time due to the endless takes. Our team fixed everything, we finished the shooting without burning flesh and I love the result. What is this video about? It’s about the resistance and the re-birth, growth and releasing your inner power.

The music video was filmed in Kyiv, directed by Taras Golubkov, producer was Maks Chudakovsky, executive producer was Katerina Malaya.

Under the ladder is available at iTunes and Google Play.

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MÉLOVIN (born Kostyantyn Mykolayovych Bocharov, Odessa, 1997) is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter.

Rising to fame after winning the popular TV-show X-Factor Ukraine in 2015, the artist became known for his distinctive vocals and striking appearance.

MÉLOVIN’s stage name is a reference to the late iconic British fashion designer Alexander McQueen and the feast of Halloween, creating a combination of pop culture and mystery.

Winning Ukraines Eurovision selection Vidbir 2018, the singer will represent his country in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song Under the ladder (written and produced by himself, Mike Ryals, Anton Karskyi and Yevhen Filatov).

MÉLOVIN will perform Under the ladder from position 18 in the second half of semi-final 2 on Thursday 10 May.