Lisbon Bound: Bulgaria is today’s last act to rehearse

by Stratos Agadellis 1,654 views

That was it for today! The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest opened its curtains in the morning, with the first 10 participating countries of the first semi-final taking the stage for their technical first rehearsals. As the 10th country to perform on this show is Bulgaria, it was today’s closing act.

With everyone standing on elevated glass podiums, the group EQUINOX provided a powerful performance of their song Bones, with Bulgaria having set the bar high for yet another year.

The 5 members’ dressing is pretty close to the band’s group picture, with Zhanna Bergendorff wearing her characteristic blond wig and a black dress which covers her shoulders, while the 4 men are dressed in total black too, either with shirts or with t-shirts and jackets.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy much of the group’s choreography. Let’s see if Bulgaria keeps any surprises for the follow-up…

First impression of Bulgaria’s rehearsal

Official first rehearsal clip of Bulgaria 2018

Bulgaria’s first rehearsal in images

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