Norway: Running order for semifinals 1 and 2 announced

by Victor Hondal 78 views

Norwegian public broadcaster NRK have announced the running order for the first and second semifinals of the country's selection for Eurovision 2011, Melodi Grand Prix, to be held in Ørland and Florø on January 15th and 22th, respectively.

Running order for Semifinal 1 – Ørland, January 15th:

  1. Carina Dahl – Guns & boys (Lyrics and music: Carina Dahl, Nanna Martorell, Hanne Sørvaag)
  2. Use Me – Daisy (Lyrics and music: Jim André Bergsted)
  3. Helene Bøksle – Vardlokk (Lyrics: Cecilie Larsen; music: Helene Bøksle, Sindre Hotvedt, Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
  4. Sie Gubba – Alt du vil ha (Lyrics and music: Magne Almås, Petter Øien)
  5. Gatas Parlament – Jobbe litt mindre og tjene litt mer (Lyrics: Gatas Parlament; music: Alex Molkom)
  6. Sichelle – Tranger mer (Lyrics and music: Christine Dancke)
  7. Åste& Rikke – Not that easy (Ah-åh-ah-åh) (Lyrics and music: Rikke Normann)

Running order for Semifinal 2 – Florø, January 22nd:

  1. Pernille & Marius – I'll be yours (Lyrics and music: Ovi, Johanna Demker, Björn Djupström)
  2. Babel Fish – Depend on me (Lyrics and music: Tarjei van Ravens, Halvor Holter)
  3. Marika – Hungry for you (Gipsydance) (Lyrics and music: Marika Lejon)
  4. Isabella – Sand (Lyrics and music: Isabella Leroy)
  5. Endre – Oh oh (Puppy love) (Lyrics and music: Samsaya Sharma, Jarl Aanestad)
  6. Hanne SørvaagYou're like a melody (Lyrics and music: Hanne Sørvaag)
  7. Mimi Blix – Allergic (Lyrics: Merethe La Verdi; music: Merethe La Verdi, Ketil Schei)

The third semifinal will take place in Skien on January 29th. Two songs from each semifinal will qualify for the final, to be held on February 12th in Oslo. Other two will go through the 'last chance' round, to take place on February 5th in Sarpsborg.