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Tonight, Albania will be the second country to select its entry for Düsseldorf during the 49th edition of the Festivali i Këngës. A total of 18 acts will compete to win the right of representing the Land of Eagles at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

How to watch

  • Live on TVSH at 20:30 CET
  • Live on RTK at 20:30 CET
  • Via satellite RTSH. Parameters: Eutelsat W2, 16°E, 12656V 4883 1/2
  • Via satellite RTK. Parameters: Eutelsat W2, 16°E, 12633V 4883 1/2
  • Webcast RTK


Finalists from semi-final 1
• Selami Kolonja –Ëndërr Kosovë
•Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj –Ende ka shpresë
•Dorina Garuci –Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im
•Orges Toçe –Mari
•Kamela Islami –Jetova për ty
•Marsida Saraçi –Vetëm s’jemi në botë
•Dorian Nini –Mirësevini në Shqipëri
•Hersiana Matmuja –Me cilin rri ti dashuri
•Maria Prifti –Pasuri e pasurive(newcomer)

Finalists from semi-final 2
•Besa Kokëdhima –E bukura dhe bisha
•Saimir Braho –Shtegëtar i jetës time
•Enkelejda Arifi –Një dashuri
•Denis Hasa –Mbi xhaketën time
•Goldi Halili –Në krahët tua
•Françesk Radi –Kemi dasëm' o
•Xhejsi Jorgaqi –Rastësi
•Aurela Gaçe –Kënga ime
•Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj –Dritë(newcomer)


The winner of Festivali i Këngës will by chosen by the jury:
1.Aleksandër Peçi (composer, one of the most important figures of the contemporary Albanian classical music)
2.Edison Miso (composer and instrumentist of the RTSH orchestra)
3.David Tukiçi (composer and singer)
4.Manjola Nallbani (singer and winner of FiK in 1989, 1992 and 1993)
5.Robert Radoja (pianist and songwriter)
6.Artan Minarolli (producer and film director)
7.Edmond Tullumani (producer)

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Juliana Pasha represented Albania with her songIt's all about youat the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo and finished 16th.


The show has started

Mirëmbrëma dhe mirë se vini në Pallatin e Kongreseve, në Tiranë

Good evening everyone and welcome in the Palace of Congresses in Tirana.

It's time for the songs

1. Françesk Radi – Kemi dasëm' o (We have a wedding)

Françesk, another veteran singer, is a very well known figure in the Albanian music scene. He has competed at Festivali I Këngës numerous times but has never

Françesk is wearing a silver jacket and playing a guitar. The song is about Albanian wedding. There is also a violin player is on stage and three backing singers.

There is red background and Freçesk sings this song very easy

2. Hersiana Matmuja – Me cilin rri ti dashuri (Who are you staying with, love?)

In 2006 Hersiana entered for the frist time FiK with the song Ah jetë, oh jetë and

won the newcomers category which gave her a place in the big final. Once again Hersiana is participating at FiK with a similar classical ballad.

After the first happy song, it’s time for a classical ballad sung by Hersiana.

Hersiana is wearing the same golden dress.

The song isn’t strong enough to finish in the 10 but she did a great job.

3. Goldi Halili – Në krahët tua (In your wings)

Goldi the 15 years old singer and ballerina managed to qualify for the final for second time in row.. She took part last year with the song Tirana Broadway and won the newcomers category together with Iris.

Time for an up-beat song sung by they young singer Goldi who wears a long red dress.

Her vocals aren’t strong enough to do well in this hard competition

4. Marsida Saraçi – Vetëm s’jemi në botë (We are not alone in this world)

Also for Marsida is not the first appearance at FiK this year. Marsida took part in Ethet, Albania Idol 2004, the edition where Luiz Ejlli won the first prize.

Also for Marsida is not the first appearance at FiK this year. Marsida took part in Ethet, Albania Idol 2004, the edition where Luiz Ejlli won the first prize. Marsida has very strong team behind this year. The composer of her song is the author of two winning song of FiK. Marsida is making a fantastic comeback at Festivali i Këngës. She seems to be the fan favourite. She sings the song much better than during the semi-final.

5. Besa Kokëdhima – E bukura dhe bisha (The beauty and the beast)

Many Eurovision fans remember her from FiK 2008, where reached the 4th place with the song Ajër.

Besa, the winner of Top Fest festival and several other important prizes is collaborating this year with a new team. Her interesting song with classical backing vocals sends a strong message.

Besa came on stage to perform her dramatic ballad accompanied by 4 classical backing singers. She is wearing a fashion golden dress. Powerful performance by Besa!

6. Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani – Ende ka shpresë (There is still hope)

Alban is a famous Albanian singer and songwriter who has won many awards in his country.

Miriam, show hostess and singer was born in Albania but at the age of 6 she moved to Germany. She was a member of the German pop girl group Preluders. This successful couple is very popular amongst the Albanian public. Their first song together Let me die with you became a huge success in Albania.

Miriam and Alban are favourites to represent Albania in Eurovision. They deliver a powerful performance and will be interesting to see how they do in the competition tonight.

Both of them seem to be more comfortable on stage. At the end of the performance, they got a big applaud from the audience.

7. Enkeleda Arifi – Një dashuri (One love)

Enkeleda is very famous folk singer in Albania. She sings ethnic-folkloric songs that tell tales of the Albanian history.

It’s the first time that she is taking part in FiK and she has chosen for popular duo Adrian Hila – Pandi Laço. The team behind several Albanian entries at ESC (2005, 2007 and 2008). Enkeleda is on stage accompanied by a violin player a four backing vocals.

This is the song with the most ethno sound in FiK. Great mix between folk elements and modern music.

It seems the audience loved the song. This is definitely a favourite.

8. Aurela Gaçe – Kënga ime (My song)

Aurela, one of the most successful singers in the Albanian music scene is making a comeback after 9 year. She has won FiK twice in 1999 & 2001 and finished several times 2nd and 3d. She is collaborating with a strong team and seems to be one of the favourites to win this year’s FiK.

Aurela is on stage with a very different hairstyle and another dress.

The orchestration of this song is very powerful and it suits perfectly the powerful voice of this energetic singer.

Another one that the crowd enjoyed, and they’re invited to come back out and take a third bow.

Probably Aurela’s dream will come true to represent Albania at ESC.

9. Maria Prifti – Pasuri e pasurive (Wealth of the richest)

Maria comes from a musical family. Her father and uncle Endri dhe Stefi Prifti are famous singers in Albania. In FiK 2008 Maria sung with them in the duet night.

Maria is participating this year for the first time and she won the newcomers category.

She was definitely the biggest surprise in the first semi-final. Maria’s team behind is connected to Eurovision – the song has been composed by 2007 representative Frederik Ndoci and penned by Agim Doçi, lyricist for the Albanian entries in Eurovision 2004 and 2009.

Time for a powerful ballad now. Maria in a golden dress is alone on stage. This young singer gave one of the best performances so far.

10. Saimir Braho – Shtegëtar i jetës time (Nomade of my life)

Saimir is a singer who usually does classical music but we used to see him very often at Festivali i Këngës, unfortunately without success a singer. He has also been in the FiK jury last year.

Saimir wrote the lyrics of the song Qielli i ri, sung by Juliana Pasha in FiK 2007 which finished 3d.

Saimir is alone on stage. Very good vocals and it seems he's enjoying his performance.

It’s a pleasant song but not strong enough and a bit dated.

11. Dorian Nini – Mirësevini në Shqipëri (Welcome to Albania)

He entered several times Festivali i Këngës but mostly as a composer. This year Dorian is trying as a singer with a song that presents his country, Welcome to Albania.

Nice up-tempo pop song aboutthe Land of the Eagles, and on the background you can see shoots from Albania.

12. Selami Kolonja – Ëndërr Kosovë (Dream Kosovo)

Selami is a veteran singer who comes from the FYR Macedonia. He has participated several times at FiK and his best results were in 2002 where he finished 3d. He usually sings love ethnic ballads.

Once again he is participating at FiK with an ethno song about a love story.

Selami sings the song alone and is very relaxing. Very melodic song with strong vocals and some guitar.

13. Xhejsi Jorgaqi – Rastësi (Accident)

Xhejsi is a young singer and the daughter of the famous songwriter/lyricist Gjergj Jorgaqi. It’s her first debut at FiK and she managed to qualify for the final with her song written by the Genti Lako.

Xhejsi decided to collaborate this time with another team and not her father.

There are two dancers on stage and they are wearing shiny dresses.

Nice up-tempo song with some ethno touch. Much better performance than in the semi. It is remarkable to say that Xhejsi appeared on stage with a look similar to Shakira.

14. Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj – Dritë (Light)

Albi is the only Kosovar singer in the competition. The other Kosovar singers have withdrew from this year’s FiK. Albi won the last edition of the Albanian Star Academy.

Together with Sam Juapaj, Albi entered FiK this year for the first time in the newcomers category and qualified for the final. Their song is written by Bojken Lako, known as a composer for alternative – rock songs.

The newcomers are on stage with their song Dritë. This song is very different from the other songs that we have heard so far. A bit shouty, but different to the rest of the songs.

15.Dorina Garuci – Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im (Good evening my angel)

This is the third participation at FiK of the 18 years old singer Dorina. She started singing at very young age but became more popular when she took part in Ethet, Albanian Idol 2007/2008 and finished second.

Dorina is alone on stage.

The song has a very nice modern up-beat and and atthe same time some ethnic touch.

Its a very catchy song and probably would work English. Best performance ever for Dorina at FiK.

16. Kamela Islami – Jetova per ty (I lived for you)

After a successful participation last year, Kamela decided to take part again this year’s FiK with a rock song. Kamela finished 3d last year with the song Gjërat të thjeshta.

She is collaborating this year with a talented young team.

There we have again the rock diva again, totally dressed in black.

Electric guitars are used in this song, as well as flashy yellow lights in the background.

As usually Kamela gives once again a great performance.

17. Orges Toçe – Mari (Marie)

He is a professional singer who studied Jazz-Guitar and graduated at Konservatorium Wien, in Vienna with the title Master of Arts. This year he is participating at FiK for the second time.

Orges is now on stage with his guitar and his hat. He sings a very relaxing country song. Probably a bit boring for ESC. Not a winner definitely.

18.Denis Hasa – Mbi xhaketën time (On my jacket)

Denis is trying to break through into Albanian music industry. Early this year during Top Fest festival he collaborated with the famous singer Mefarete Laze.

Now he is taking part at FiK with the lyricst Ismail Kadare, Albania’s best novelist and several times candidate for the Nobel Prize in the literature.

Denis is on stage with two backing singers. The lyrics are very beautiful and poetic although the song overall is a bit boring, with some operatic parts.

This concludes tonight's performances. The jury has gone now to deliberate and decide the winner of tonight's Festivali i Këngës.

Juliana Pasha is now on stage singing It's all about you. She is wearing the same clothes she wore in Oslo. On the background, her preview video is being displayed.

Now, the host and opera singer Jozif Gjipali is singing now the song Too much love will kill you.

It is worth to mention that the jury will vote in Eurovision style for the first time ever.

Now it is time for the other host, Jonida Maliqi, to perform. Jonida is giving an emotional performance, with great choreography and based on Mozart's Requiem as backing soundtrack.

The male host is now again on stage singing Nessun Dorma. He is a renowned opera singer in Italy.

Former Albanian Eurovision representatives Luiz Ejlli, Anjeza Shahini,Frederik Ndoci, Juliana Pasha and Olta Boka are singing the song Dream of Europe, composed by Edmond Zhulali, the man behind the 2004 and 2009 entries.

The moment is getting closer… In a few minutes, we will know who will represent Albania in Eurovision 2011. We are waiting for the envelopes.

First 12 points went to AURELA GAÇE.

Another 12 points for AURELA GAÇE.

The third jury member gives 12 points to AURELA GAÇE.

Fourth set of 12 points to AURELA GAÇE.

12 more points to AURELA GAÇE.

12 points to ALBAN & MIRIAM.


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