Russia: Yulia Samoylova talks about her video clip; MeeKeeChoo remix released

by Stratos Agadellis 731 views

It wasn’t her cup of tea… Last weekend saw the Russian Eurovision entrant Yulia Samoylova give an interview to the nation’s social network VKontakte and express her views on the video clip of her entry I won’t break. But her words were not the probably expected…

Surprisingly, Julia Samoylova admitted that she didn’t like very much the final form of her video clip, as the final result was far from her initial expectations. Here are her exact statements:

To be honest, I didn’t like it very much. I had thought of a whole bunch of things at the stage of the idea. But this is the case when your big imagination and expectations and reality do not coincide with the reality, but this is not so important.

Below you may witness her video clip. What’s your own opinion on it?

A few days before the rehearsals’ start, the video clip of I won’t break has surpassed 2 million YouTube views and has gained over 12,000 comments.

Yuri Aksyuta, who is the main producer of music and entertainment programs of Russia’s responsible broadcaster for 2018, Channel One, also shared his opinion, saying that the clip’s aim was mostly to showcase Julia’s face and make the viewers concentrate on it.

I won’t break… can be a little different!

Her song’s authors are Leonid Gutkin, Netta Nimrodi and Arie Burshtein. The first had been involved in two former Eurovision entries from the country, namely Dina Garipova’s What if in 2013 and Polina Gagarina’s A million voices, two years later, in 2015.

Besides the official English version of her single, Yulia recently made a surprise and interpreted her song… in Spanish! Discover more here. But also a brand new remix of her Eurovision entry was unveiled yesterday. Let’s check it!

Russia at Eurovision 2018

Following a last-minute withdrawal last year due to her ban by the Ukrainian authorities to enter the country, Yulia Samoylova was approved to become the Russian representative at the Lisbon-hosted Eurovision Song Contest. Later in March, her internally selected song I won’t break was one of the last Eurovision 2018 acts to be revealed.

Russia is one of the countries to have never been eliminated in the semi-finals. Let’s see if this continues this year! They are going to be the 6th competing act of the second semi-final on 10 May.