Switzerland: ZiBBZ get creative with a one-take of Stones

by Roy Knoops 516 views

Switzerland’s ESC 2018 duo ZiBBZ had fun recording a live one-take version of their entry Stones – with a little help of their friends.

ZiBBZ from Switzerland show us how to create a one-take, a live music video recorded in one shot. As they shared on Twitter, the brother-and-sister duo had a lot of fun filming the video:

Camera work by Yves Nicollier, and assistance by Sabrina Kern and Carlo Ribaux.

Enjoy the video!:

Who are ZiBBZ?

ZiBBZ, referring to the word “siblings”, is a musical duo consisting of brother and sister Stefan “Stee” Gfeller and Corinne “Coco” Gfeller. Coco is the lead singer, while Stee plays drums and keyboard alongside being the band’s producer. They perform Indie pop, rock and soul music.

The duo, hailing from Zürich, divide their time between their native Switzerland and Los Angeles, the United States.

Coco was trained at the Laine Theatre Arts college in London, and has provided vocals for artists such as Gölä, DJ Antoine and the Bellamy Brothers, besides having performed with popstars such as Donna Summer and Prince.

Stee also worked with Gölä and singer-songwriter Bastian Baker, and he is a member of the Street Drum Corps collective.

ZiBBZ will perform Stones from position 17 in the second half of Semi-Final 1 on Tuesday 8 May 2018.