Cyprus: Eleni Foureira goes into detail about her Eurovision staging

by Stratos Agadellis 2,988 views

The Cypriot 2018 representative seems to be enjoying a lot her Eurovision journey and decided to give the best of herself in Lisbon. Only a few minutes before take-off to Sweden in order to rehearse with all of her team, Eleni Foureira spoke to the camera of a Greek morning TV show.

In a brief but revealing interview, she unveiled various details about her preparations and what we can expect from the Cypriot participation this year. Initially, she remarkably stated that time’s passing has helped her feel much calmer now and expressed her impatience for that great upcoming moment.

Here you may watch the video of her interview at the airport of Athens (in Greek):

5 people on stage; Vrettos Vrettakos to dress her

Eleni Foureira stated that the performance that is now being prepared will be completely different from the one we have already witnessed in the song’s music video. According to her words, the Cypriot delegation opted for not showcasing a powerful choreography in the clip, since they wish to present something surprising and impressive on the stage of Altice Arena.

When it comes to how many artists that will be accompanying her, she revealed that she will be joined by 4 female dancers (two of which will also be vocal singers), whilst Teddy Sky is going to serve as a backing vocalist.

About her dressing

Among others, Eleni confirmed for the first time herself that she will be dressed by the Greek internationally renowned fashion designer Vrettos Vrettakos. When asked about her clothing, she answered:

I have already selected my garment. This isn’t going to be neither a bodysuit, nor a dress. You will see!

Fuego in other languages?

One of the most interesting revelations that Foureira made about Fuego, is that she’s currently on discussions with her song’s author Alex Papaconstantinou in order to record and release the track in other languages, something that “will soon become a reality”, she pointed out.

What about the other competitors?

Regarding the other competing songs that she mostly liked, she stated:

There are so many countries that are sending great songs this year. All are worthy opponents, if they can be considered as opponents, because for me personally, this is not the case. I wish the best to go high and above all for us to have fun, because this is the most important thing and what we will finally remember.

When asked about which position could stand as satisfying for her, she answered that any final placing could, as long as she and her fans feel that she has given her all. “My fans are my angels and together with my family, they are my lucky charm”, Eleni added.

From the continuous rehearsals that are still ongoing in Stockholm, Foureira has posted a short video which features her and all of her teammates during their vocal training:

On behalf of Cyprus, Eleni Foureira is going to perform 19th at the first semi-final evening on 8 May. The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place on 8, 10 and 12 May at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.