Ireland: The Vard Sisters may enter Eurosong

by Alexandru Busa 157 views

Ireland is definitely on the list of countries that are trying to improve their chances of a better result at the Eurovision Song Contest. The all-time champions of Europe's favourite music show in terms of winning songs, have changed the format of their national selection process hoping to achieve their eighth victory.

The Vard Sisters is said to be the second act of the final line-up of the Irish national selection. Liam Lawton, who is one of the five mentors of Eurosong 2011 announced that he is going to start a collaboration with the girls as he did back in 1998 when The Vard Sisters finished on the runner-up position of the Irish national final of theabove mentioned year.

The musical group debuted on the music scene in 1997 with the release of their first album Heavenly. One year later, they tried their luck at the Eurovision Song Contest by entering the national selection of Ireland with a song performed in the Gaelic language. Seol was the title of the song that almost represented Eire in Birmingham.

You can watch the performance of The Vard Sisters at the Irish 1998 national final below :