Friday: Night out in bars and clubs

by Remi Kübar 181 views

Yesterday evening together with went to discover a different nightlife in Riga. What are the young Rigans doing and is there any signs of the Big Night 24 hours before the show begins?

A weather was warm and humid in the streets of Riga and even if you didn't want to go out it seemed a perfect time for midnight walks in the parks and plazas of Riga.

First of all we tried to get into the night club La Rocca just 10 minutes from the Skonto Complex, but somehow we didn't find any friendly and English-speaking staff there to let us in. Despite of the not very smooth beginning we headed to the Night Life District in the Old town.

Full of young and relaxed Rigans, seeking for a place to go, friends or just enjoying the Old Town athosphere.

Next stop: Club Depo. A small club-cafe with an underground feeling in the basement. DJ playing house music in the small, but comfortable dance floor. As there were not too many people, they were a bit afraid of a guy with esctoday t-shirt and a camera.

That was not a case in the club Nautilus, which was crowded with people in different halls with different DJ's. Definately a place to visit in Riga. When asked about Eurovision the young Rigans seemed to be not very enthusiastic about it. But we all know what happens tonight in most of the homes all over Europe, don't we?

The evening ended in the early morning hours in the official Euroclub Voodoo as in the previous nights.

Friday: Night out in photos!

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