The Netherlands: Enjoy all ESC 2018 titles in Koonian’s Eurovision mashup!

by Roy Knoops 887 views

Website Eurostory challenged artist Koonian to incorporate all ESC 2018 song titles in a mashup, resulting in the delightful What does it all mean?

What do you get if you take all the titles of the Eurovision 2018 entries and write a song with them? Well, young singer Koonian accepted the challenge of literary-journalistic website Eurostory and here’s the result: a joyous mashup that captures the essence of Eurovision 2018, What does it all mean?:

Camera and direction for the video were by Maurits Spijkerman, audio mixing by Max Otten.

Who is Koonian?

Koonian is an artist that defies boundaries and who likes to jump out of the box. He is described as follows:

Koonian (1990) is a unique pop-artist from another world. He creates and performs danceable pop songs with a theatrical edge. Koonian is story pop. A fresh mix of catchy pop melodies and lightpoetic weirdness, told as a modern-day fairytale. His unique stage persona acts as the leading character in a space-saga of epic proportions and his spectacular, energetic live show amplifies his extra-terrestrial origin. Accompanied by his three-man band ‘The Spaceboys,’ Koonian brings a stunning blend of electronic and acoustic music and creates a show that is not of this world!

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About Eurostory

Eurostory is a Dutch literary-journalistic website about the Eurovision Song Contest, focussing on the artistic, cultural and social relevance of Europe’s favourite show. Featuring Eurovision news, in-depth interviews and entertaining guest columns, among others, Eurostory‘s mission is:

Eurostory broadens your view, is cheerful and factual. It’s not cynical, contemptuous or negative.