Serbia: Marija Serifovic releases new song on December 23

by Victor Hondal 128 views

Marija Serifovic, Serbian winner of Eurovision 2007, will soon release a brand new song, titled Balkanska dusa (Balkan soul), in duet with Aca Lukas. It is scheduled to be premiered on December 23rd at the Concert for Kraljevo at the Belgrade Arena. The man behind the song is none other than Sasa Milosevic, composer of Molitva.

“They are both living urban legends – the male and female versions of James Dean,” Sasa Milosevic explains how he got the inspiration to pair the two singers and try to create a big hit.

“I have recorded many duets over the course of my career, but this one beats the lot. Marija and myself are a great musical marriage and the song is terrific,” said Aca Lukas.

The song is to be premiered on December 23th at the Belgrade Arena in the Serbian capital.