Switzerland: Ilira speaks to esctoday.com

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Esctoday.com had the opportunity to interview Ilira Gashi, the lead singer of the Swiss finalist The Colors & Ilira. Their song called Home will be performed on Die grosse Entscheidungs Show on December 11.

Hello Ilira, can you tell us something about yourself?
I just turned sixteen so I’m still in school. My parents are Albanian but moved to Switzerland, where I was born. Later on in life I hope to study music, since music is my life. I love my parents and my sister; they do so much for me! I also love our little dog Snoopy.I love to sing and my first appearance as a singer was earlier this year at the major Albanian music festival “Top Fest”.

You will sing along with the band "The Colors". Who are they?
Actually, I didn't know them before this collaboration, but the song Home brought us together. Fabian Liechti is the vocalist and plays guitar, Andreas Renggli plays piano, Manuel Pasquinelli plays drums, Adrian Pasquinelli does the bass and Annette Huber is the violinist. They are so friendly and.. groovy. We have lots of fun, especially with our piano player Andreas!

How did the collaboration with "The Colors" come up?
The manager of the band was searching for a singer for his song in – which is sung in two languages. He asked his friends and he finally reached me by Facebook in the last few days of September.

Your song in the Swiss selection,Home, has qualified to the Swiss national final. How did it feel to hear that you would be part of the selection?
I couldn't believe it! Nobody here in Switzerland knows of us and now we are in the Top 12, in the national final! This is just a dream…

What languages is your song in, and do the lyrics have a special message?
The verses are in Albanian – and the verses in the Swiss-German language. Yes, the lyrics are very important! They tell the story of my parents -and also mine. It's about people who have to leave their own country – staying alone and misunderstood – and finally, but slowly building new roots. I think, it's also about people losing they're "inner roots” for other reasons…

What will we see from your performance at the Swiss selection? Can you tell us a bit about it?
We haven’t planned a big show. We’ve prepared some things that support and show the lyrics, but it’s a ballad, so we’ll perform Homein an appropriate way. I hope everyone enjoys the show!

Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest yourself? What are your favourites from this year's contest?
Yes of course. My whole family like music shows like this! Personally I adored Alyosha withSweet People and the Albanian song It's all about you sung by Juliana Pasha. The winning song, Satellite is a very good song with an enchanting singer! Well done.

Do you have a message for esctoday.com readers?
All the lonely people: Take a little courage! Reach out your hands – and you surely will find others. Touch them, hold them – it's the start of something new!

esctoday.com would like to thank Ilira for this interview and wish her the best of luck in the Swiss selection.

Watch below the videoclip of their participating song.

The Colors & Ilira – Home

Ilira's first appearanceon Top Fest (Albania -May 2010)