William Hill: update of the betting figures!

by Sietse Bakker 3,322 views

The leading British bookmakers William Hill makes you able to bet on the Eurovision Song Contest. Only one question is important: who's going to win this year's contest? They updated their figures!

Still, the Russian entry performed by t.A.T.u. leads the bet with 5-1 now joined by Spain with 5-1 too, which means that if you win, your bet will be multiplied by five. At the bottom of the list now Austria can be found. If this country wins, your bet will be multiplied by 100.

The uppdates of betting figures:
Russia, Spain 5-1
Ireland 6-1
Slovenia 8-1
Iceland , Norway, Estonia 10-1
Germany, Latvia 12-1
Sweden, the Netherlands 14-1
UK, Greece 16 – 1
Ukraine, Turkey 20-1
Poland, France 25-1
Bosnia-Herzegovina 33-1
Romania 40-1
Malta, Belgium 50-1
Portugal, Cyprus, Croatia 66-1
Israel 80-1
Austria 100-1

It is possible to place a bet on some special categories, for instance:
9 – 2 Estonia or Latvia win
6 – 1 Any country to get no points
12 – 1 Highest score record to be broken
33 – 1 UK to finnish bottom
33 – 1 Austria to be disqualified

Are you able to predict the winner? Bet too to make some money! Click HERE to learn more (from there, go to the Specials section in the menue at the left. From the dropdown menue in the blue field you can select the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 bets).

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