The Netherlands: Waylon featured in mini-roadmovie The Kid

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Dutch Eurovision 2018 representative Waylon will star in a documentary-style roadmovie: The Kid.

The Kid will be the follow-up to the aptly titled documentary The Last Outlaw from 2017. The Last Outlaw followed Waylon during his two Top 1000 Of All Times-concerts in venue Ahoy (Rotterdam) in November 2016, The Kid focusses on the artist’s life in Nashville, Tennessee, documenting the writing process for his upcoming album The world can wait and leading up to his Eurovision 2018 participation.

About The Kid

The Kid is a project by young director Shawn Brinks, part of rap-formation ET020 and member of Waylon’s merchandizing- and styling team. Also responsible for The Last Outlaw, Shawn Brinks has captured an intimate and personal glimpse into the life of country-rock star Waylon, a documentary in the style of a mini-roadmovie.

According to Warner Music Benelux, The Kid will be aired on television in the beginning of May, most likely on one of the RTL-channels.

New album

The world can wait is all set for release this Friday, 13 April 2018. About the album, Waylon says:

Every time when you release a new album, responsibility is expected. That’s difficult for me. How often do you have to explain the simplicity of something?: This is what I love to do – and am – most of all! It has also never been as clear as on this record. I completely returned to my roots: the place where it is recorded, the music style, the directness of the lyrics. I am a country singer, born and raised, this is who I am in essence. I will never say that this is my best record, that makes it unnecessarily difficult for the next one. I have a lot to say, that doesn’t always come out most fortunately. But on this album I did go the deepest, to my youth, my secondary school, the street where I grew up. Willem Bijkerk and Waylon in one record.

The Last Outlaw

The mini-documentary The Last Outlaw is available on Youtube:


At Eurovision 2018

Waylon will perform his Eurovision 2018 entry Outlaw in ’em from position number 8 in the first half of Semi-Final 2 on Thursday 10 May 2018.