Alexander Rybak is considering a Eurovision comeback

by Alexandru Busa 2,638 views

Alexander Rybak, the Norwegian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 might try his luck at Europe's favourite music show in the near future. According to Norwegian tabloid, the Belarussian borned artist is considering a comeback as a composer for the entry of his motherland.

According to the Norwegian tabloid, Alexander Rybak wouldn't reject the possibility to enter Europe's favourite TV show as the composer of the entry of his motherland, Belarus.

How risky that could be remains to be seen, as almost all former Eurovision winners who decided to make a comeback eventually flopped. The first artist to do so, was Switzerland's Lys Assia placing second last the year following her initial victory. She was more succesful though on her third attempt, when the first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest scored a respectable second place.

A positive example is Johnny Logan who succesfullymanaged to make the Irish nation proud of him twice as a performer and once more as a songwriter. But not all former Eurovision winners were so lucky. Corry Brokken, Jean-Claude Pascal and more recently Charlotte Perelli and Niamh Kavanagh were 'all out of luck' on their later attempts to win the grand-prix.

Alexander Rybak has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 scoring an impressive 387 points. Afterwards, his self-composed song became a huge hit in Europe and topped the musical charts of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.