Switzerland: Vittoria Hyde disqualified from national final

by Victor Hondal 198 views

Vittoria Hyde, Swiss finalist for the Italian-speaking broadcaster RSI has been disqualified due to a violation of the rules of the competition. Part of her song, Play the trumpet had been already published in February. Her spot will be now occupied by Scilla Siekmann singing Barbie doll.

The selection process carried out by RSI originally resulted in Sara Orpheline being chosen as their representative in the Swiss national final, Die grosse Entscheidungs Show. Days later she had to cancel her participation due to personal problems, which led to the nomination of Vittoria Hyde. Vittoria is now officially out of the race as her song was published long before September 1st. Therefore, the third option of the broadcaster, Scilla Siekmann, wins the right to compete in the national final with the song Barbie doll.

This is the video proving that part ofVittoria's song was published on YouTube on February 22nd:

Below you can watch the videoclip of Play the trumpet:


You can listen to Scilla's song Barbie doll below:


After the replacement, this is how the Swiss line-up looks like:

  1. Andrina –Drop of drizzle(SF)
  2. Anna Rossinelli –In love for a while(SF)
  3. Bernarda Brunovic –Confidence(SF)
  4. CH –Gib nid uf(SF)
  5. Polly Duster –Up to you(SF)
  6. Sarah Burgess –Just me(SF)
  7. The Glue –Come what may(SF)
  8. Dominique Borriello –Il ritmo dentro di noi(DRS3)
  9. Duke –Waiting for ya(DRS3)
  10. The Colors and Ilira –Home(DRS3)
  11. Scilla Siekmann –Barbie doll (RSI)
  12. Aliose – Song TBA (RTS)

The national final of the Swiss selection will take place on December 11th.