Finland: Saara Aalto to unveil new album on 27 April; Monsters goes gold

by Stratos Agadellis 1,452 views

As her rehearsals and preparations before flying to Lisbon are in full swing, Saara Aalto is now announcing the upcoming release of her brand new album’s Wild Wild Wonderland, scheduled for Friday 27 April. The album contains 13 new songs from the Finnish 2018 entrant, with her Eurovision song Monsters being among them.

Finnish and international contributors for Saara

For her new music album’s production, Saara Aalto joined forces with world-renowned composers and lyricists, such as Joy, Linnea DebinRichard ’Biff’ StannardinEric Bazilianin and Brian Higginsin, all having cooperated with the biggest names of the global music industry, such as Kylie Minogue, U2 and Joan Osbourne.

However, the acclaimed Finnish artists Lasse Kurki, Matias Keskiruokanen and Axel Ehnström have also contributed in Saara’s fresh recording work. The latter is no other than the Finnish entrant at the Düsseldorf-hosted Eurovision 2011, with the track Da da dam, who performed under his stage name Paradise Oskar.

Wild wild wonderland is expected to be officially available in all music platforms and download stores, such as Spotify and iTunes from 27 April.

Monsters is gold! Saara feels blessed

To the Finnish team’s great pleasure, last week saw Saara’s selected Eurovision entry Monsters get certified as gold in the country. Feeling blessed and with rapture, Saara Aalto informed her fans about the news and thanked them once again for their love and support. Surprisingly, her record label Warner Music had prepared a special cake to celebrate the single’s gold streaming!

Saara wrote on Facebook:

Monsters has streamed GOLD💫🥂
You guys did this. So blessed 🙏🏼
And today I was surprised by a Monster cake at Warner ❤️❤️
What a way to end a hectic week!!☀️

Following yesterday’s revelation of the semi-finals running order, Finland will perform 15th in the first semi-final evening on 8 May.

Can Saara’s vocal and dancing abilities reverse the recent Finnish poor results?