Ukraine: Anastasiya Prikhodko qualifies for the final

by Alexandru Busa 151 views

The fourth weekly semi final of the Ukrainian national selection for the 56th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was aired today on NTU. As it was expected, Anastasiya Prikhodko together with Mika Newton and Zlata Ognevich qualified for the final.

The Ukrainian process to select their hopeful for the 2011 Europe's most watched TV show is moving a step forward as the fourth semi final was aired today on Pershyi Natsionalnyi-NTU. Three more acts qualified for the final stage of the competition:

  • Anastasiya PrikhodkoAction
  • Mika NewtonThe Kukushka
  • Zlata OgnevichAngely

A televoting line was opened in order to determine the fourth qualifier of this semi final.Olexandr Kvarta, Vladislav Levitskiy,Dash andMila Nitichwere nominated for people's choice.

This is how the line-up for the final is looking like so far:

  • Kristina KimVictim of my love
  • Elena Korneeva Why did I say goodbye
  • Dariya MedovaInfinity
  • Ivan BerezovskiyAve Maria
  • Eduard RomanyutaBerega
  • BahromaChernoe More
  • Alexey MatiasAlways By Myself
  • ShanisYa Tvoja
  • Jemchug – Hero
  • Anastasiya PrikhodkoAction
  • Mika NewtonThe Kukushka
  • Zlata OgnevichAngely

November 28 is the date when NTU will broadcast the last weekly event for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.