Second dress rehearsal: the ups and downs!

by Sietse Bakker 266 views

The second dress rehearsal had its ups and downs. We don't want to bore you with a complete coverage, because most went just like this afternoon…

It was especially t.A.T.u. that attracted the attention. Or, to be more specific, it was Julia that attracted attention by her absence. Stories are going around here that Julia is still in hostpital for throath problems or simply resting at the hotel. During the rehearsal Elena performed alone, which resulted in boo-calling from the audience. In case if Julia is absent during tomorrow's dress rehearsal too, which will be recorded, there are two options: Julia and Elena can perform together tomorrow night and they can do anything they want because there is no tape of their performance together, or Elena has to perform alone tomorrow night too. It seems the choice is up to the EBU…

Louisa, the French singer, seemed to have some minor voice problems, although she seemed to be very confident of her capabilities and sang on.

The rest of the rehearsals went like it should. Especially the Austrian, Dutch, Polish and Latvian performances received a huge applause, although all performers did what they could!

After a press poll done by it appeared that amongst the press Russia, Spain, Turkey, Latvia and Iceland are predicted as potential winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003.

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