Switzerland: Sanavé speaks about her mysticism

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One of the hopefuls to represent Switzerland in next year's Eurovision Song Contest is Sanavé, a project based in Germany. The singer speaks with esctoday.com in an exclusive interview.

What is all behind the name Sanavé and how did it come up?

Sanavé stands for a world, that is full of emotions, memories, dreams and visions, and the key to Sanavé is your fantasy. The project was created by three musicians, that found each other, we share the same inspirations and creative moments. That is where the idea came up to use a language that purely features emotions and warm feelings, while it gives the listener the freedom to bring up their own imaginations. It wants to inspire and touch, but that does not mean that it is without content. If you like to discover more, there are subtitled versions on YouTube for finding out what we say.

Your song is mystic and magical. Did your team specifically wrote this for the Eurovision Song Contest and what made you to try in Europe's favourite show?

Music combines us all, and to share it, together with a language that can be brought to everyone, is a tremendous feeling and experience that we have made. We have friends all around, in Europe, Asia, even in Africa, who share our music, and this inspired us to present Sanavé on a stage, where so many cultural varieties are present.

Tell us more about the African project, Bälle für Afrika. What is this all about?

Friends of South Africa – is a unique network for sharing business and social value with Africa, which was initiated by a German company and is officially supported by the Nelson Mandela foundation. They produced professional footballs and if you buy one here, than there will be another ball send to South Africa, so that children over there can play. We found this idea worth supporting and helped to make it become a public campaign. We found a partner in South Africa, named Robin Hogarth, a two time Grammy winner, who instantly loved our music and brought it together with his world known traditional African style. We liked the idea of combining music, culture and care.

You are backed with a production house (Cap Sounds) that in the past promoted other artists in their road towards the Eurovision Song Contest. How do you feel about this and are you keen you will make it to the Swiss final?

That’s right, the professional background businesswise is the perfect help, this keeps us being creative and don’t bother about anything else. CAP Sounds led some international artists in high positions in the past, so we are highly confident with the company. Being invited by Switzerland would be a great honour for us, and, without a doubt, we want to win.

Describe the experience during the video shoot of the song?

The video of Eriana Ameij was the same great experience as composing the song. We had an idea, how about having to recreate the world and where to start, how would this be? This is the meaning of the song but how can you make it visual? In BV-Film we found a team, which really picked up the ideas and the pictures, we had. You can see Chantal in the "White Room" that stands for the new beginning. We also love the contrast between environment and civilization. It uncovers our thoughts of what is and and what could be. It’s like being transferred to another sphere, and you, too, can start thinking about creating your world. It’s your vision and your dream, but, at the same time, being thankful, for what you have.

What are your future plans apart of your attempt in participating in the Eurovision Song Contest?

We love the way, people reflect on our music. Once we received a letter of a fan, who wrote, that he heard our song Deja Morinor. Weeks later, after he saw our translation, he wrote again, that that was exactly what he understood before. And that was transfered through our emotional language. We like to share this experiences and reflections more and more. Besides finishing our third album Secret of Angels right now, we have the pleasure to be a part of a new movie with our music.

Thank you very much for having a look into the World of Sanavé
Be a part of it and let yourself be inspired.
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