INFE Poll 2018: Kicking off with the votes from Belarus

by Jessica Weaver 4,652 views

The first set of votes of the INFE Poll 2018 are in! Returning for a second year in a row, the results of the INFE Poll 2018 are set to be unveiled here at ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network, with votes to be gathered and combined together from all of the participating INFE clubs.

It’s the first day of the INFE Poll 2018 and that means it’s time to unveil the first set of votes in the second year of the INFE Network’s annual poll! ESCToday will exclusively be bringing you the results of the INFE Poll 2018 over the month to come in collaboration with the INFE Network.

In total, members from all 24 clubs will be casting their votes and deciding their favourite entries in the second annual INFE Poll, with the final outcome of the results set to be unveiled on the 22 April.

As with last year, the 2018 INFE Poll kicks off with the votes from INFE Belarus, with the top 10 of the first voting club now in! But who have they decided to give their top set of points to?

Votes from INFE Belarus

  • 1 point goes to Denmark
  • 2 points go to the Czech Republic
  • 3 points go to Estonia
  • 4 points go to Austria
  • 5 points go to Israel
  • 6 points go to Belgium
  • 7 points go to Bulgaria
  • 8 points go to… Germany
  • 10 points go to… Ukraine
  • And 12 points go to… France!

Madame Monsieur from France becomes the first act to receive 12 points in the INFE Poll 2018. Written by Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, France’s song – Mercy – is about a girl called Mercy, born on a boat to Nigerian refugees during the midst of the European migrant crisis.

About INFE Belarus

INFE Belarus was founded in April 2015. INFE Belarus sees a vast number of new members joining the Belarusian club on a daily basis.

The Belarusian INFE club is highly active within the INFE Network since joining, offering new and innovative ideas within the network’s development.