Switzerland: Goodbye to Lys Assia, Eurovision’s Grande Dame

by Stefano 1,834 views

She was the Grande Dame of the Eurovision Song Contest. She was also the very first winner of the history of the Contest, having triumphed in Lugano in 1956 with the iconic song Refrain. She had been following closely every single edition of Eurovision since her victory, entering the competition again in 1957 and 1958. Lys Assia passed away peacefully in Switzerland earlier today.

The Grande Dame is gone. Lys Assia passed away earlier today at Zollikerberg hospital near Zurich, Switzerland. She is one of the most iconic Eurovision winners, having triumphed in the very first edition of Eurovision in 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland, with the song Refrain.

Madame Assia was hospitalised last Monday, shortly after having celebrated her 94th birthday on 3 March. At ESCToday we are deeply sad to hear about her passing. She will be remembered.

Have a look at her winning performance at the 1956 Eurovision Song Contest here:

In recent years Lys Assia entered the Swiss national selection again. Her C’était ma vie in 2012 did not unfortunately make the final cut.

That latest and particular song is the latest present that Madame Assia made to all the Eurofans in Switzerland, in Europe and all over the planet.