Norway: Melodi Grand Prix final on February 12th

by Victor Hondal 85 views

Norwegian broadcaster NRK have announced the dates and cities for the 2011 Melodi Grand Prix. The final will take place on February 12th, while the show will hit the westernmost city of the country, Florø on January 22nd. The competition will feature five shows: three semifinals, a second chance round and the final.

These are the dates and cities for Melodi Grand Prix 2011:

  • January 15th. Ørland
  • January 22nd. Florø
  • January 29th. Skien
  • February 5. Sarpsborg (second chance)
  • February 12th. Oslo (final)

This year, more than 700 songs have been submitted to NRK.

Norway was represented by Didrik Solli-Tangen this year on home soil. The singer, with the song My heart is yours, ended up 20th in the Oslo final.